Concept Development

Nothing can be done-built-developed if not the initial work of developing concept and vision is done. It all starts with the simple question: Why? Why are you doing it, what is the reason behind it and for whom? Understanding the needs and goals, besides the target audience are the basics. Connecting the dots is the important part of the work, where we listen and combine things. Translating it into a vision, giving it a form (frame work), will allow to move further and develop things on the way, which will fit in the (master) plan. Understanding the client, knowing them well - is a key to success.

Following my study Architectural Design (1996-2001) at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in the Hague (NL), I especially enjoy developing ideas, connecting dots and visualizing ideas. Where I had my main income from my Graphic and Website Design projects, the other part of my activities were exactly projects which were both interesting and challenging to me, working with concept development where I could use much of my imagination. I had the privilege to work with very interesting people and companies (for ex Haley Sharpe Design Limited in Leicester, UK) and developed plans which almost all were carried out. These are some of my favourite projects.