JKP: Concept & Design of Museums

JKP: Concept Development
2014 - 2017

2015 - 2017: several sessions followed on the India Museum Concept, where all the important issues were discussed and listed in the overall concept. Several options were prepared, as to what could be emphasized, the best subjects to present, and how to use best the facilities and landscape. Some draft plans were made in 2D and 3D to help visualize all the aspects. In 2017 two more companies were hired who took over the further developing of the plan: concept, architecture and landscape. Our main focus in this project was design-from-within. First preparing the material for the exhibition and what should be shown and in which order and how much. By describing and then regrouping and "removing" all possible exhibits/stories, the basis was created that suited all audiences. Based on that, the architectural design for the building would follow.

2014 - 2015: we worked on developing a concept for a full scale museum at JKP RMD, which would explain the history and the general concept of the temple in Austin, Texas. In 2015 the concept was ready and presented to the board, which decided that we should continue first with a similar museum in India, before finishing the one in the USA.