RGD NY: External Design for a Temple

RGD NY: Temple Design
2013 - 2019

2018 - 2019: An upgrade on the design for the RDG NY: we made a design for the outside walls. The community wished for a more unique look, so it would be clear that a temple is established in that building. Columns were added, all was painted and new awnings are matching now the new style. Later in the that year we prepared new design for the awnings to match the new design for the exterior look of the temple. To make the changes complete we also re-designed panels for the two side windows, using the colours from the new awnings. Also new decorations for the glass windows and door were made.

2013: For a new temple in Queens New York (RGD NY) we were asked to make a design, which would transform a shop building on a busy street into a temple. An interesting project, which evolved into more design work. We started with an awning and followed the work until completion. The awning should clearly show the purpose of the place. We wanted to create the impression of the domes standing on top of the building. To make the decorations complete we also designed panels for the two side windows and decorations for the glass windows and the door. This is a cut out, stuck to the glass, following the general design, but executed in a single color only. During day, with the light coming in from outside, it gives a nice view inside, while in the evening, with the lights coming from inside, it gives an extra touch.