JKP RMD: Concept for Lobby and Entry Hall

RMD: Concept for the lobby and entry hall

2012: We made a plan to upgrade the office/lobby area of the JKP RMD Temple in Austin, Texas. It includes two desks, an information point and a small sitting area. The original area was very closed and only one person could work at the time. There was also no direct eye contact between people entering and the staff. We have separated the functions of the receptions by creating two desks, one for accommodations and reservations, with all keys behind it, and another towards the entrance, where visitors can ask all questions, clearly visible and accessible. Instead of all the posters and banners hanging around we suggested one large TV where all the upcoming events and other information would be shown. There was a space to show top articles from the shop (as the shop is not open every day). It was realized in 2013 by local carpenters.