RETOLD: Corporate Identity, Graphic Design and Concept

RETOLD: Corporate Identity, Graphic Design and Concept
2020 - present

RETOLD 2020-2024 (Creative Europe) European Project, where EXARC is a lead partner of. The RETOLD project will create open access knowledge transfer to a new generation of museum professionals, researchers, and the public. This represents an important opportunity for open-air museums to fully leverage the new possibilities of digital technologies, social media and online communities in widely disseminating cultural heritage data. The RETOLD partners are: EXARC Coordinator; Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (ES), Complexul National Muzeal ASTRA (RO), Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen (DE), Nüwa Digital Media Content Production Studios Ltd (IE) and Museumsdorf Düppel (DE)

2022: One of the products of the RETOLD project is a small presentation / exhibition at the three museum partners and UAB, explaining the project and what we want to achieve. In October 2021 we decided to make it in three steps, adding each year another chapter. The exhibitions will consist of banners 100 x 200 cm, in both English and local language. In the first step we produced general banners introducing the partners and the RETOLD project. By March 2022, two banners per partner were made (in two languages).

2021: The years started with creating a logo and corporate identity style for new EU project called RETOLD, We created a logo which would represent the three steps: Documentation | Digitisation | Sharing