JKP RMD: Flexible Visitor Centre

RMD: Visitor Centre

2010: To give a better image of all what can be seen and experienced at JKP RMD in Austin, Texas, a visitor centre was developed where one can get the whole site explained in a 15 minute tour. We developed a number of areas. In just five minutes, the visitor looks and listens to the available information in ease. Each time, there is a menu with options; information is played in a loop where necessary. By means of light, one is encouraged to continue through the presentation. At the end, a theatre room is situated with different presentations. The environment changes each time: there are three different images on panels in the walls. Depending on relevance, another one is shown. In the outer walls, a number of play corners are made for kids, so their parents can visit the rest in peace. We designed it in such a way, that we could show it in full, or just a small part, or even folded back - if the space was needed for other activities.